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DVR Your Way to Weight Loss!

You are probably asking yourself how a DVR will help with your weight loss?  I’m not talking about DVRing exercise shows (though it could not hurt), but that’s not what I’m talking about here.  Let’s take a look at how you can achieve your weight loss goals by using your DVR.  First, learn how to use it.  This will alleviate you getting frustrated when you go to watch your shows.  Now that you now how to use it, lets see how it can make a difference.  What is the one constant in this world?  It’s the same for you or the person sitting next to you.  Time, is the answer you are looking for.  No matter how hard we try to squeeze more out of a day there are only 24 hours.  I think this is something we can all agree on.  Now, if you could prove to yourself a way to add almost a full hour to your day do you think you could do something to improve your health, get you closer to your goals, and live the life you imagine?  Not everybody is going to like this idea, especially the advertisers on T.V. When you think about it, they are paid to get you to live the lives their sponsors think you should live, and not the one you dream of.  It’s up to you, do you want to sit and watch their ideas on T.V. or actually start living your dreams?  Here is how you can add almost an hour to your day.  For those that don’t like math I will make this as painless as possible.  The average american watches 4 hours of T.V. a day.  I’m sure you know people that watch more, but lets use this number.  Lets say out of every hour you watch there is an average of 12 minutes of commercials.  Did you just have that “aha” moment?  That’s right we are going to fast forward through these commercials and gain about 48 minutes a day.  Let’s take that 48 minutes and round it down to 45 minutes to make the math easier.  We now have this 45 minutes a day and let’s see what happens for our week.  45 minutes a day for 7 days equals 315 minutes, or 5 hours and 15 minutes a week.  Let’s look at our month, 45 minutes for 30 days equals 1,350 minutes or 22 and half hours a month.  So, just by saving ourselves 12 minutes an hour for four hours a day you’ve almost added a whole day to your month!  Just by using your DVR you have made the impossible possible; you’ve added time to your day! Now what to do with that time?  You guessed it we are going to work out, even if it’s only 30 minutes of that newly discovered time.  30 minutes of consistent exercise a day will go a long way in helping you reach your health goals.  Remember you only get one shot at this thing called life; make sure you get as much out of it as possible!

Send me an email and let me know how you are using your new found time!!!

Yours in Health,


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Avoid this Four Letter Word….DIET!


Ok, we made it through the holidays and it’s time to follow through with our New Year’s Resolutions.  The most common resolution I hear about seems to deal with a Diet. I feel that the word “Diet” is one of those four letter words you would get your mouth washed out with soap for saying. The correct term should be “lifestyle change.”  People always go on and off diets, but a lifestyle change is permanent.  For the purpose of this article I’ll use that four letter word and hope there’s no soap around. The word “Diet” doesn’t always mean eating less to lose weight—although that’s what we commonly associate it with today. Someone “on a diet” is trying to eat less, or stop eating sweets to fit into a smaller pant size.

There’s so much confusion when it comes to dieting.  Atkins, Metabolic, or remember last year, the Drive-Thru diet from Taco Bell?  This year there is even a Twinkie diet!  I’m not making those last two up!  No wonder everyone is confused.  When I recommend the Taco Bell or Twinkie Diet you better run because you know the world is coming to an end!  Low calorie and fad diets can have serious health implications—insufficient vitamin and nutritional intake, lethargy, slowed metabolism, hormonal effects, and even dehydration.  Dieters commonly experience intense feelings of hunger and deprivation, which can lead to “cheating” or bingeing over time.

Improving your normal diet by making gradual, but permanent changes is a healthier way to lose weight than by just restricting calories.  Below are a few tips to help you decrease your caloric intake without “dieting” or feeling deprived.

1.  Drink more water.  Hunger is often mistaken for thirst, so if you find yourself wanting to mindless snack, drink water instead of grabbing the chips.  Also try to drink 2 cups of water before a meal and you will feel more satisfied!

2.  Familiarize yourself with portion size.  We are bombarded with “Portion Distortion!”  Read the labels and measure your food until you get an idea of what an actual serving size is.

3.  Be prepared!  Plan out your meals and always have a healthy snack ready to grab.  You don’t want to go too long without eating; not only will you be too hungry to make a good decision, you will inhale your food and eat more than you should.

Order your copy of New Mommy Makeover today, and make 2011 your healthiest year yet!  Remember, I offer on-line coaching too!

Yours in health,


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Winning at the game of Life

I have a friend who entered a 5k race last weekend, completed it, but did not win. Her post on Facebook said, “Will I ever win?” And she went on to congratulate the race winners. Like I said I know this person and I’m here to tell you she is already a winner in every sense of the word. Now did she win the race, no, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. She constantly gives of herself to help others in the community, she challenges herself to stay healthy, and she inspires others. This puts her on the podium of life’s winners every day! It’s not always where you finish in the race, but who you helped along the way. Remember last week I talked about your life being a marathon and not a sprint (In case you missed it, look below). In today’s fast paced society so much emphases is put on where you finish we sometimes forget to help others along the way. When we reach the end of our marathon what do you think we will be remembered for? The things that we collected along the way or by the positive changes we’ve made in someone else’s life? Ok, so how can you inspire others to be their best? First, lead by example. Become the leader that’s inside you by making positive changes in your life, and get your health in order. You’ve already started just by taking a few minutes to read this email. Second, find people around you that inspire others; watch and learn from them (my friend for example). Third, and maybe the most important, take action. This one can be tough because you don’t know where to begin. JUST START somewhere and you’ll be amazed; before you know it you’ll be making a difference and standing on that podium next to my friend.

Yours in health,


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Stress Test

Slow traffic. Screaming children. A job interview. A crumbling marriage. Any of these could be a stressful situation. We all face stress in our lives, and some days are more stressful than others. Stress can take its toll on our physical and mental health. Learn more about stress and its effects by taking this multiple-choice quiz.

Stress Test

Now that you had a chance to gauge your stress level here are 4 easy ways to help reduce it.

1.  Exercise:  Surprise, surprise….yes I recommend exercise!  Aerobic exercise or strength training can greatly reduce your stress level.  Natural endorphins (feel-good hormones) are released when you exercise.  It’s also a time where your brain can focus on something other than your worries.  You can get in tune with the movements of your body, your breath, and your muscles.

2.  Sleep:  One of the most common reasons for stressful behaviors is lack of sleep.  I know as moms this can be a great challenge!  If you aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep, your body doesn’t have time to recover from the day and therefore can feel tired and sore. This tired and sore feeling can cause physical and mental stress throughout the day, making anxiety more prevalent.

3.  Eat right:  Another surprise, huh?!  If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed it’s easy to reach for the quickest (which tends to be the fattiest) food.  Try to plan ahead by cutting up fresh fruits and vegetables and grilling extra chicken breasts on the weekend to have ready to throw on top of salad or into a wrap.  Trust me you will feel so much better eating something healthy, than the greasy, to-go foods.  I know personally if I eat badly when I’m stressed, then I feel fat AND stressed….not a good combo :-)!

4.  Relax:  Many people are so focused on work, family, and other responsibilities that they forget to relax. Relaxation techniques such as meditation and massage therapy have long been known to reduce stress levels. People often forget that relaxing is a part of a healthy lifestyle and by skipping this aspect, people often cause more stress and feel the effects of stress more profoundly.  So just BREATHE!

Hope you find these tips helpful.  I’m here for you, just let me know what I can do to help!

Yours in health,


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7 Foods to Make You Smarter

If the rapidly approaching school year has you scrambling for tips on how to move your kids to the head of the class, or if you’re looking for ways to increase your own productivity, start by examining your diet. Studies have shown that certain foods act like fuel for our brains by increasing concentration and memory function. Some foods have even been shown to slow down the mind’s natural aging process.  Combine these foods with other good habits, like working out and you’ll soon find yourself at the head of the class—at any age.                                                

Spinach. At only 40 calories a cup, a serving of spinach contains almost half your daily requirement of folic acid, an essential nutrient for cell growth, blood production, and preventing memory loss. And spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense foods available—just 1 cup contains all your body’s daily requirements of vitamins A and K, plus most of the folate and manganese you need each day. These nutrients improve brain function and slow down the effects of premature aging by preventing the negative effects of oxidation on the brain.

Smart Tip: Try replacing iceberg lettuce with spinach leaves in your next dinner salad, or add fresh spinach to an omelet.

Oatmeal. As a strong source of insoluble fiber, oatmeal provides a stable energy that helps your brain maintain consistent focus and concentration. Eating oatmeal can also slow down the digestion of starch, reducing the frequent spikes in blood sugar that usually occur after a big meal.

Smart Tip: Avoid the instant flavored packets, which are loaded with sugar, and stick with the plain, slower-cooking kind—it still cooks up in the microwave in just 2 or 3 minutes.

Fish. Many studies have shown that eating oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids can boost memory, concentration, and mental acuity. Omega-3 acids also appear to strengthen the brain’s synapses that are directly related to learning and memorization.

Smart Tip: Watch mercury levels when choosing fish, and consider wild salmon, albacore tuna, and mackerel, which all contain omega-3s with minimal environmental contaminants.

Walnuts. Eating just a handful of these nuts every day can prevent the decline of cognitive and motor function, increase brain resiliency, and improve cell functioning. Walnuts are loaded with protein and omega-3 fatty acids that balance the unstable neurotransmitters that can cause depression and other mood swings.

Smart Tip: Sprinkle a handful of chopped walnuts on salads or fill a travel container for a healthy on-the-go snack. You’ll feel full longer, reducing the temptation to binge between meals.

Berries. Many types of berries, especially blueberries and strawberries, contain flavonoids, which have been linked to brain cell growth and improved memory. Berries with the darkest, richest colors offer the most nutritional value. The antioxidants, vitamin C, and anti-inflammatory properties in berries have been shown to preserve brain function and are a factor in the prevention of  dementia.

Smart Tip: Sprinkle berries on salads, cereal, or yogurt, or make yourself a fresh berry fruit smoothie.

Yogurt. Widely known as a top calcium source for bone development and strength, yogurt also contains enough protein and carbohydrates in just one serving to keep both the body and the brain energized throughout the day. Yogurt also contains amino acids that encourage the production of neurotransmitters, and enough vitamin B to encourage—along with the protein—the growth of brain tissue while slowing down the aging process.

Smart Tip: Eat yogurt topped with berries for breakfast or lunch, or if you’re having a salad, nix the bottled dressing and make your own by mixing a quarter of a cup of plain nonfat or low-fat yogurt with fresh herbs.

Eggs. These low-calorie, nutrient-dense wonders are rich in protein as well as choline, an important nutrient that helps regulate the brain and nervous system by acting as a messenger between muscles and nerves. If you’ve been avoiding eggs because you’re worried about your cholesterol, take note: Numerous research studies have shown that eating eggs as part of a healthy diet is not a contributing factor to heart disease.

Smart Tip: Enjoy an egg and spinach omelet for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

By Suzy Buglewicz

Yours in health,


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Diet Sodas Linked to Premature Births

A study recently published in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition showed premature births and regular consumption of artificially sweetened soft drinks could be linked. The study, which was commissioned in Denmark, looked at 60,000 pregnant women births and their consumption of diet soft drinks.  They discovered that women who had a higher intake of diet soda had a significantly higher risk of delivering their babies preterm.  Women who consumed one diet soda a day had an increased risk of around 38%, than woman who had none at all.  What’s even scarier is they found that women who had four or more diet sodas per day increased their risk by 80%.
Now this study only links premature births and artificially sweetened sodas, not regular sodas. This would suggest the link lies in the commonly used artificial sweeteners in soft drinks and not with sugar.  Aspartame and saccharin are the artificial sweeteners that are typically used in soft drinks to make them taste sweet, but aspartame seems to be the most popular.  I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to say foods that are sweetened with these artificial sweeteners can’t be much healthier.  What do you think?  Alarming is the ability aspartame has to break down in the body to other toxic compounds like formaldehyde (put into dead bodies) and formic acid.  The recommendation has always been that consuming these artificial sweeteners in moderation during pregnancy was acceptable, but I think this new study may prove otherwise.  So, if this study has you looking for a healthier alternative, you can’t go wrong with good old fashioned water sweetened with a splash of cranberry juice.  And now for those of us who are saying, “I’m not pregnant, nor do I plan on getting pregnant,” you’re not out of the woods either.  If these artificial sweeteners are actually causing premature births, what effects do you think they are having on your health?  Something to think about!

Yours in health,



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BP and Your Health!

As most of you know I live along the Emerald Coast of Florida, and I’m sure you all know what is going on with the BP oil spill. This got me thinking about how easy it is to take for granted something precious in our lives.  One day it’s gone and you are left wondering what happened and why you didn’t take more advantage of it.  When I first moved here I went to the beach often, even if it was just to watch the sun set.  Then time passed, I got busy, and life started to take over.  I  thought, “The beach will always be there, I’ll go next week.”  Unfortunately, next week turned into next month, and so on, and then one day I realized I couldn’t remember the last time I was there.

Well if you think about it, your health is very similar.  We start out young, running around playing, not even thinking about being overweight or unhealthy.  You could eat whatever you wanted and never had to worry about your waist line.  Then one day comes and you don’t play as much. Who knows why; maybe you got your first car, so who needs a bike?  Or worse, a new video game came out so you just sit on the couch and play.  You didn’t worry about your health, it had always been there, and why would that change (just like those sandy white beaches)?  And so it begins, your health gets taken for granted… days turn into months which turn into years.  Then before you know it life gets in the way and there is definitely no time for exercise (or going to the beach).

Then suddenly it’s gone (whether it’s the beauty of the beach or your health).  Helpless and lost feelings set in, and you don’t know which way to turn.  So you try multiple attempts to get it back, but nothing seems to work (sound familiar BP?)  Then at some point it’s just easier to give up on your health and look for “that magic pill.”   Just as BP is learning about not cutting corners; your health is the same way.  It’s going to take hard work and dedication to get your health back and anyone who tells you differently isn’t telling you the whole truth.  You are worth the effort just like our beaches and the environment.  No one can do this for you, but you can ask for help, and this is where I come in.  I want you to know I’m here to offer a helping hand, or create a road map for you to find your health again.  Because once you get a second chance you tend to hold onto things a little tighter to your heart.  I’m very glad to say I have been to the beach 3 times this week already, and I’m shooting for more because unlike you, I may not get that second chance.

Yours in Health


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