Here’s what some women have said about New Mommy Makeover:

“I am not a mommy, however I LOVE New Mommy Makeover! With the right nutrition, I feel results from this system immediately! I am a professional woman with very little time on my hands, the New Mommy Makeover dvds make it EASY to remember me and my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. I do believe this DVD will prepare my… body to be a healthy, super mom in the future. Thanks to Colleen Riddle for making a realistic fitness program for busy women!” ~ JJ Stepleton

“After giving birth to 3 children in 2 1/2 years and devoting most of my attention and time to them, I lost site of my exercise routine.  I also felt as though I didn’t have time to workout.   Thanks to  The New Mommy Makeover, I now realize that it is important to take some time for yourself and that you can benefit greatly in taking ONLY 30 minutes out of your day to workout.  I am stronger, more energized, and in overall better shape.   The New Mommy Makeover brought back the ‘Old Me’ again.  I love it.” – Ruth K.


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