Tips for Healthy Traveling

For those of you that were missing my blog last week, sorry but I took a few days off and went to New Mexico to visit family.  If you get the chance I highly recommend it…gorgeous! The week before I left we talked about doing the small things to make big differences.  Well I wanted to give you a glance at how I make these small decisions work for me when I travel, and how they can work for you too.  First thing I did was do a little planning.  I looked at my flight itinerary to see what time I was departing and landing.  Armed with this information I was ready to plan my attack.  My plane left around 12:30 so I knew I needed to start with my lunch.  I packed some turkey and lettuce, wrapped it in a whole wheat wrap and cut up some cucumber slices (my chips) as a side.  I arrived to the airport a little early and found a spot to sit and eat my lunch before going through security.  The less you take through the better off you are.  This a picture of my lunch(I know; only I would take a picture of my lunch).

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Of course I packed some water for lunch, but they will not let you take water through security so only pack what you are going to drink before security. Now once past security you can purchase water at one of the stores, but be ready to pay more than usual (a lot more). It’s worth it though because one of the leading factors of jet lag is dehydration.  Also if you’ve ever been stuck on the tar mat you know they don’t usually serve drinks; so be prepared!  Also in my little bag of goodies were some almonds, apples, and snack bars.  This keeps you from getting hungry during the flight, the dreaded layovers, or those delays I mentioned earlier.  I also suggest packing a few more snacks than you think you need.  You may end up needing them later, or your new best friend sitting next to you may not have planned as well as you, this way you can help them out (pay-it forward). Now I know there is nothing here you probably don’t know, and that is one of the points I’m trying to make.  Most of us know what we should do, but sometimes it’s just easier not to do them.  Now I’m not going to say that I went on vacation and did not indulge with some of my meals.  But the time and place was up to me and not some someone else.  To take care of those indulges I incorporated exercise into my vacation.  I went for walks and runs through my father’s neighborhood, and for a my tough workout I went for a 7 mile hike up and down some mountains (felt like more up than down).

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You’re on vacation so of course you are going to indulge and that’s part of vacation, but with a little planning and a little exercise while you’re there you can enjoy yourself and not fall short of your health goals.
Happy traveling,


Coaching Success Story:

I want to brag on my dad for a minute.  Last year he lost over 20lbs and has KEPT it off for over a year.  Don’t ever think you are too old to make healthy changes!!  Go Dad…so proud of you!


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