Winning at the game of Life

I have a friend who entered a 5k race last weekend, completed it, but did not win. Her post on Facebook said, “Will I ever win?” And she went on to congratulate the race winners. Like I said I know this person and I’m here to tell you she is already a winner in every sense of the word. Now did she win the race, no, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make here. She constantly gives of herself to help others in the community, she challenges herself to stay healthy, and she inspires others. This puts her on the podium of life’s winners every day! It’s not always where you finish in the race, but who you helped along the way. Remember last week I talked about your life being a marathon and not a sprint (In case you missed it, look below). In today’s fast paced society so much emphases is put on where you finish we sometimes forget to help others along the way. When we reach the end of our marathon what do you think we will be remembered for? The things that we collected along the way or by the positive changes we’ve made in someone else’s life? Ok, so how can you inspire others to be their best? First, lead by example. Become the leader that’s inside you by making positive changes in your life, and get your health in order. You’ve already started just by taking a few minutes to read this email. Second, find people around you that inspire others; watch and learn from them (my friend for example). Third, and maybe the most important, take action. This one can be tough because you don’t know where to begin. JUST START somewhere and you’ll be amazed; before you know it you’ll be making a difference and standing on that podium next to my friend.

Yours in health,



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