The Secret to Success

We all are looking for THE secret to weight loss and good health.   We see fit models on T.V. telling us about a new diet or revolutionary piece of equipment that is going to melt the fat away, or even worse the dreaded diet pill.   So we buy it, in hopes that with little or no effort we will look just like the model.  But in reality we use the product a few times and the fat doesn’t just melt away like they told you.  Frustration sets in; you stop, and end up with a garage full of equipment you don’t use any more.  What most of miss as we are running around looking for those magic solutions to our problems, is that the secret to our success lies within ourselves; not on T.V. or in a magazine.  That’s right the answer has been there the whole time.   We’ve been too busy looking for other people to come up with the solution we forgot to look in the mirror.   You know the saying, “If you want to hide something put it in plain sight.”   Drum Roll….the secret to your success lies in the decisions you make every day.   Those little ones that you think don’t matter.  Guess what they ALL matter!  That coke you grab instead of water, the piece of cake at the office party, the fast food you pick up because it’s easier than cooking, or skipping a workout.  Now these decisions by themselves may not seem like a big deal.   Will they harm your health the next day, probably not.  But one day in the future all these tiny decisions you made will catch up leaving you unhealthy and unhappy.  You will look in the mirror and wonder what happened.  There was not one big decision that led to where you are now.  If it was that easy, of course you would have made the right BIG decision, this is your health and who would intentionally make a bad decision when it comes to your health?  Fortunately all is not lost, there is still time to work on making the right choices and this is where education and some consistent good decision making will come in.  Now I’m not going to sit here and say it will always be easy.  Life just isn’t that way.  But we are talking about your health; this is the most precious commodity you have.  No matter how much money or fancy “things” you have, if your health goes you may not be around to enjoy them.  Your life is not a sprint it is a marathon, but it’s a great marathon.  I want to help you enjoy the journey.  If I can help please let me know.
Yours in health,


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