My First Triathlon….the Woman I’m proud of!

My First Tri

If you follow Colleen on FaceBook , you might already know that she competed and won her division in Eglin’s My First Tri this past weekend.  I tell you for the most part because I’m very proud of her; not because she won, but because she again this year inspired other people to challenge themselves.  Then she went a step further and showed them how with a little planning and some hard work (the two words no one likes) they could meet this challenge and complete it.  I believe there is no greater gift than to help others reach their potential; this is where I feel Colleen excels at her job.  I feel lucky, because I get an inside look at something most people don’t: Colleen’s dedication to herself and to her clients.   She takes this responsibility very seriously and it shows.  She is always reading her fitness journals or surfing the internet to make sure she knows the latest trends and studies in fitness.  If you ever decide to take on a challenge such as improving your health, or maybe even a triathlon, you should consider yourself very lucky if you have a person like Colleen in your corner.  I know I feel very lucky to have Colleen in my corner for life!

Something else I would like to touch on is taking the right message out of a tragedy.  While in the running portion of My First Tri a women collapsed and ended up passing away.  Emergency personnel were there almost immediately, and the hospital was right there on base.  I’m sure when she got up that morning dying was the last thing on her mind.  Now of course I feel for the family and friends, but then I saw her obituary picture in the paper.  It was taken about 5 minutes before she collapsed, and she had a smile from ear to ear.  Then you hear the naysayers in the “Spout Offs” in the newspaper saying that, “It’s safer to sit on the couch and do nothing,” and this may be true.  But these people are missing the point to life.  It’s not about sitting on the couch and being safe, it’s about doing your best and getting the most out of the limited time we all have here on earth.  The real tragedy would have been if she had passed away not living, but just existing.

Tonight as your head hits the pillow I want you to do two things.  First, say a prayer for the women that passed away, and second, ask yourself, “Am I living, or just existing?”  The only person that can truly answer this question is you.

Yours in Health,



Colleen and I just released this week.  It’s a series of 30 minute exercise videos designed for pregnant women.  They were done in our home gym, unlike New Mommy Makeover, but they are free.  Pass this invaluable information along to anyone you know that is pregnant!


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