Stop Feeling Guilty

Have you ever attended a party or gathering where someone has made you feel guilty for making healthy choices?  I had a few clients bring this to my attention recently, so I wanted to address this issue. I have also had this happen to me.  Usually it goes something like this,”Colleen is here so we can’t eat the___________(insert unhealthy food).” The funny thing is I’m busy looking for healthy choices, enjoying everyone’s company, and not paying attention to what others are choosing.  I would dare say my clients are probably doing the same. These comments usually come from the guilt people feel for the choices they are making and have nothing to do with you.  The simple explanation could be,  “misery loves company.”  These people are not happy with themselves, so they project their guilt to make you feel bad for trying to better yourself.  It may even go a little deeper…maybe they won’t or can’t make the commitment to themselves, and your success makes them face this fact.  Now I don’t think these people do this to hurt you intentionally, but it can still make you feel uncomfortable.  Do not let these situations get you off track.  You have decided to give yourself the best gift of all, the gift of health, and you should never feel guilty for that.  I just want you to know that you are not alone on your journey to a healthier you and I’m here to help however I can.

Yours in Health



One way to stay on track is my Coaching Program. Here is what one client had to say about her experience.

“Whether you want to get your fitness program started, back on track, or kicked up a notch, Elite Physique’s coaching program is for you.  I not only lost weight and inches, I also gained a renewed appreciation for what good nutrition and exercise can do for your both personally and professionally.  Partner with Elite Physique to discover your bestself.”

Leigh G.


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