Time For A Tune Up!

Time.   There never seems to be enough of it.  You get up, chug your coffee then get everybody fed and out the door.  Now, it’s off to your job that you may not like for 9-10 hours, and then you get back in the car to sit in traffic for another hour (wondering if Johnny was picked up). You fly through the grocery store hoping to find something for dinner everyone will agree on (good luck), then it’s home to fix your gourmet meal just to hear little Johnny say he doesn’t like it.  So now, you try to find something in the pantry to make him happy.  Then, it’s time for the homework and bath battle to be fought.  Finally, exhausted, you climb into bed for, hopefully, a good night’s sleep.  The alarm wakes you up in the morning, and you do it all over again!  Then, for a brief moment you get our head above water, and you realize WOW, it’s already March.

Where did the time go?  One of the unfortunate things about time is that it keeps on ticking whether you notice it or not. This brings me to this week’s blog; finding that little time for yourself.  So take a deep breath and let’s focus on you for just a moment.  We always seem to fall to the bottom of our to-do list.  We maintain our homes because it’s an investment (well it use to be).  Same thing with your car; you change the oil, tires and then have it tuned up.  When does your body get a tune up? I say the time is NOW!

If you are going to achieve this it’s going to take a little planning on your part, but the “you” time will be more than worth it.  Here is a link to some tips on helping you plan your day: Managing Your Time.  Now, of course I would like you to take this new found time and exercise; your body will be very thankful.  With just 30 minutes a day you can spike your metabolism and burn calories.

New Mommy Makeover shows you exactly how to use this new found 30 minutes very effectively.   Well, I’ve helped you find some time and how to use it wisely.  There is only one thing left to do and that’s DO IT this part is up to you.

Yours in health,

Colleen Riddle


I also offer over the phone/online coaching to help keep you accountable and guide you to success!  Call or email for details.




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