Is Your Diet Keeping You Fat?

When you stop to think about all the amazing things a human body can do, is it any wonder that it will automatically adjust your metabolism as you adjust your food intake. Then it should come as no surprise its ability to make changes in order to maintain a “steady state.”  Your body goes into a type of survival mode when you cut your caloric intake to much. Think about it like this, your company lays off people and expects the same amount of work to be done with less workers.  This may work for short term, but sooner or later the system breaks down.  Your body is the company and the work force is your food. Your body can handle the load for a while then you plateau and you are no longer productive(weight loss stops).

Numerous studies of athletes and non-athletes have shown an adaptive response to food restriction with a decrease in metabolic rate and an increase in fat storage. A study of female gymnasts and runners published in Medicine & Science in Exercise & Sport demonstrates this phenomenon: The athletes with the lowest caloric intakes had the highest body fat percentages. The ability to slow down and store energy has insured the survival of mankind throughout the eons when food supplies were not stable or predictable; remember that until the 20th Century, mankind’s leading cause of death was starvation.  Many frequent exercisers who claim they are not able to lose weight are probably the victims of their own good intentions: they are suffering from their metabolism slowing down.  Don’t worry all is not lost. A recent study published in the NewEngland Journal of Medicine © 2002, 2007, 2008 by Exercise ETC Inc. All rights reserved. 11 found that the metabolic rates of women with a history of yo-yo dieting were not significantly different than women who did not diet, after they returned to a sufficient calorie intake.  The best way to keep your metabolism up and running is to eat small healthy meals every 3 hours, and find a good exercise program like New MommyMakeover.


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