Lives Cut Short!

The cases of childhood obesity have grown to epidemic proportions. Out of all children, 33% are considered obese, that’s one out of every three.  In fact, on average young, obese children will have a lifespan shorter than their parents.  This is the first time in history this has ever happened.  Actually, childhood obesity has gotten so out of hand the First Lady has taken it upon herself to help fight this epidemic. Here is the link for the website: First_ladys_childhood_obesity_initiative

This is a battle cry; if things aren’t changed and changed soon we are going to let our children die at a much younger age.  Who’ll be raising your grandchildren?  Kind of puts it in prospective doesn’t it?  With any battle cry there must be a battle plan.  We have found some short videos on ABC World News to help you. Here are the links.

How Can I Save My Kid From Obesity?

Can I Save My Kids From Bad Snacks?

Why Is My Athletic Son Still Obese?

Why Is My Daughter Sneaking Food?

Is It OK to Send Kids to Bed Hungry?

I Fear For My Obese Kid’s Self-Esteem.

Help! My Kid Hates Sports!

We can all be good examples to the children in our lives.  Exercise as a family, keep healthy snacks on hand, and show that you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.  Kids look up to those they love.  So by being healthy yourself you will also pass along excellent habits to them (sounds like a win/win to us)!

Until we are ready to take responsibility for our health decisions, this epidemic does and will continue to effect us all.  We have the responsibilities to ourselves and our children to take this battle head on!

Yours in Health,

Colleen and John Riddle


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